Zoom party – headphones

Hey guys! Someone just mentions not having headphones or earbuds. Sorry! I didn’t think about that. I figured everyone had at least a cheap pair of earbuds around.

Unfortunately, if you don’t have them in on the zoom call there is often feedback that causes a big problem for everyone.

If you don’t have them and can’t get them before Friday please STILL ATTEND!

IF it’s an issue (sometimes, if you’re on a laptop or have a good phone or a super quiet home, it isn’t an issue at all) we can just keep you muted for the most part; however, I would hate that! The whole point of this is that we want to be able to talk back and forth with you guys.

If you don’t have them and can pick up a pair, they are super inexpensive! You can get earbuds with a microphone for less than $10 these days at any gas station, drugstore, etc.

Here is a pair on Amazon that says it ships in one day if you have prime and this is a decent pair. You can get even less expensive ones that maybe aren’t as nice but will work just fine.


I don’t want anyone to not be able to participate! But it is a video and voice chat so, having the ability to share your video and talk is a big part of why we’re doing this. It won’t be the last time we do it either and if you are at the VIP or VIP+ level and we do one-on-one zoom calls with you every so often, it’s great to have these for that, as well.

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