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Over the years Ana has required a great deal of medical care. Medical care that is not available locally and sadly, that is the case for most AMC families.

Not only is the medical care required expensive, not only is the equipment needed and the thousands of hours of therapy expensive, but add in the cost of traveling across the country to see specialists and you’re now in a position where just getting the most basic care for your child’s rare condition is a harrowing feat. Insurance doesn’t always cover even most of these expenses. Because Arthrogryposis is so rare, there are very few resources or organizations available to help.

I have personally held numerous fundraisers over the years in order to swing the cost of caring for Anastasia and thanks to some phenomenal groups of friends and more recently, our social media presence, we have been lucky enough to pull off all of her care and surgeries but other families don’t have that luxury so I’ve always wanted to be able to help others and pay it forward. Finally, in 2020, I was able to start working on that wish.

In July 2020 we incorporated Helping AMC Families (Ana picked the name!) and we are now a growing 501c3 organization with the mission of continuing to raise awareness and spread education about Arthrogryposis, provide financial assistance to AMCers and AMC families for medical expenses/medical travel expenses, and bring medical professionals together so they can learn from each other and spread knowledge of how to better treat this condition around the world. The hope is that one day, AMC families won’t have to travel quite so far to receive the best treatment available. 💙

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Nonprofit News!

Check here or keep an eye on our website www.helpingamcfamilies.org for up to date news and information about what’s happening with our nonprofit.

JANUARY 2022A successful 2021!!! During Arthrogryposis Awareness month, in June 2021, you all came together like never before and helped raise over $50,000 for Helping AMC Families! AMAZING! We’ve since continued to see a couple thousand each month make its way into the Helping AMC Families account and in October 2021, we were able to start helping other AMCers and AMC families! What an AWESOME feeling it is to FINALLY be able to make a difference in the lives of others the same way others made a difference in our life over the years. So far we’ve helped three AMCers and their families with everything from lodging expenses for a family to cover medical travel for their AMCer to a wheelchair accessible vehicle for an adult AMCer to get to/from work! You can read about these AMCers, follow our 2022 stories, and donate to help over on our non profit website at www.helpingamcfamilies.org

JUNE 2021It’s Arthrogryposis Awareness Month!!! We’ve kicked it off (a couple days early) with a data collection campaign. We’re going to build a super resource for our community! If you are an AMCer, an AMC family, or a medical professional who treats/has treated AMCers, you can contribute to our database by filling out this survey! <– just click on that link – THANK YOU!


MAY 2021Hands in Harmony benefit concert – click below to get your ticket!

OCT 2020 – Introduction to our nonprofit!