Ana’s Arthrogryposis Awareness

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In the series of videos below, Ana will teach you all about her condition!

June is Arthrogryposis Awareness month! In 2019 (when Ana was just 3 years old) we created 1-minute awareness videos each day throughout the month of June in an effort to help raise awareness for Ana’s condition. The following year, we added to those 1-minute videos each day and ended up with the full series below. Watch and learn all about Ana’s condition, directly from Ana!

How to say the name of Ana’s condition – AR.THRO.GRY.POSIS

Here is the most recent compilation video showing an overview of Ana’s progress from pre-walking until her major leg surgery and learning to walk (at age 3). This celebration video starts with her talking about her major leg surgery (filmed in Dec 2020) and then goes into the compilation.

Ana’s Arthrogryposis Awareness Series!

There are a couple of options for watching the following series!
You can either click on the link below and it will take you to the playlist over on Facebook, where the videos will play in order OR you can scroll down through the page here and watch the videos we’ve embedded from YouTube below. Thank you for taking the time to learn about Arthrogryposis!

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Ana’s Arthrogryposis Awareness Interviews!

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