No Wednesday LIVE this week!

Hey all!

Just a reminder that we will not be doing a Patreon LIVE tomorrow night because we are doing the two birthday events  on Friday.

On Friday 11/6 at 6pm ET we are doing a special supporters only live for both Facebook AND Patreon supporters.

Facebook supporterswill be able to access the live at 6pm ET through the Facebook supporter group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/725639191587968

Patreon supporterswill be able to access the live at 6pm ET through the Patreon supporter group at https://www.facebook.com/groups/659483294644012

Some of you are BOTH Facebook supporters AND Patreon supporters. You are welcome to join the 6pm LIVE through whichever group you would like. 🙂

On Friday 11/6 at 8pm ET we are doing a special Patreon supporters only ZOOM tea party for Patrons subscribed at the supporter and VIP levels.

Patreon supporters at the $25/mo levels and up have already received the invite for this party and the link you will use to join the party is located in that invite.

Please take a moment before Friday to make sure you have downloaded Zoom on your device, you have clicked on the link provided in your invite to make sure you can access the party room, and you go into your Zoom settings and test your audio (speakers and mic) and video to ensure they both work. We ask that you PLEASE use a headset or earbuds with a microphone for this event. This will help eliminate feedback/background noise during the zoom call.

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