Which day is best for Patreon LIVE streams?

Hey Patreon family!

We will be going LIVE with Facebook supporters at 5pm ET in the exclusive supporter group for a live snack box opening with Ana and Nana!


Wanted to make sure to let you guys know in case some of you are in the FB supporter group, so you can join us.

Also, as I mentioned the other day in the Patreon FB group, I want to do a poll to find out what the best day of the week is for the most people, for us to do Patreon live streams so we can go live for you guys on the same day each week!

Please select AT LEAST TWO (or more if more work for you) days when you typically have the most availability.

After we nail down a day, then we’ll work on a time. 🙂 We will then keep this schedule for at least a month or two before switching it up.

Also, I made some progress on getting the blog up and running last night! (No, I haven’t forgotten about it). It’s all part of the website I’m working on that will have the exclusive Patreon blog for the $25/mo and up supporters and the merch store. It’s proving to be a real challenge but I can’t afford to pay someone to do it so I just have to figure it out! 

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