Next 2 livestreams and addresses

Hey everyone!

As mentioned previously, Ana has a class the next two Wednesdays so I am moving the livestreams this coming week and next week to Tuesday. Same time (8pm EST), same place (Facebook group – AMC Princess Ana’s Royal Family), just a different day of the week.

Tuesday, December 8th
Tuesday, December 15th

I apologize if this doesn’t work for everyone but right now Tuesday is the only day of the week she doesn’t have a bunch of classes/lessons, etc.

I also wanted to mention, one of the perks for the supporter ($25/mo) level and up is a chance of receiving random gifts, letters, merch, etc. However, a handful of you have not shared your address with Patreon. I want to make sure everyone knows, that is how we would have access to your address to send you surprises! 🙂

So, if you are interested in potentially receiving something from us in the mail, please make sure Patreon has your address listed for us!

Lots of love! See you all soon,

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