Gwen Frostic Books!

You can check out the LIVE over in the Facebook group for Patreon supporters.  

The Gwen Frostic books will be going to CarrieFromGA and Marcee Collier! I have your addresses (from Patreon) so we will write a note in your books at some point in the coming weeks and get those shipped out to you!

Thank you, ALL!!  We will definitely do this again during the month of August! I don’t know what yet but when the right thing comes along, I’ll know it!

Also, we will also send out the canvas painting once we get into the month of August.  

Thank you all for your love and support!! You’re seriously the BEST!  

Now that we have a decent connection at the Farmhouse, let me know what you would like to see for your Patreon perks! We’re happy to do more lives if we know when people will be able to attend. I know I still need to get the blog up and running. I will try to put some time into that next week. Let me know if you have any ideas! I just want to make sure you guys are happy and you feel like what you’re doing to help support us is worth it!   

Lots of love, Ana and Nana

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