Hey everyone!! So we’ve tested out the program we’re going to use for Patreon live streams!

Remember: you will need to be a Patreon supporter at the $10/level or higher to attend supporter-only live streams.

It’s called Getvokl and in order to view the Patreon live streams you will need to set up your account over there.

Please use this link to go over to Getvokl – https://getvokl.com/live-broadcast/First-Patreon-LIVE-Lets-get-to-know-each-other

Once you’re there you will need to login with your Patreon account. Once logged into your account, please click the SUBSCRIBE button so you are notified when we schedule future live streams.

We’ll do our first live tonight at 9pm ET to get to know each other! One cool feature of this streaming service is that we can have some of you on the live with us! Like you can video chat with us OR you can hang out in the chatbox and not video chat but it’ll be fun to utilize that feature to get to know you all so maybe we will go guest lives from time to time and invite you guys on to video chat. 🙂

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