Adopted Families <3

I can’t really/don’t really want to share all this detail with the masses but I wanted to share with you guys!  I just finished shopping for the kids we adopted.

Family #1
1. Winter coat and snowpants (2T) (TARGET – $40)
2. Boots (Infant size 3) (TARGET – $30)
3. Blaze and the Monster Machines toy (AMAZON – $15)
4. Bathtub paint or crayons (AMAZON – $25)
= $110

UUAA 100237 Gift card from Target (TO BE DONATED)

Family #2
1. Nike jogger pants (BOYS XL, 12-14) (MACYS – $30)
2. Michigan pajamas (AMAZON – $40)
3. Tech Deck set (TARGET – $10)
4. Over the door basketball hoop (TARGET – $40)
= $120

1. Disney princess pajamas (GIRLS XL 12-14) (AMAZON – $20)
2. Joggers set (sweater and pants, Nike or Puma) (MACYS – $40)
3. Barbie Dolls (TARGET & AMAZON – $15+$15= $30)
4. Art Kit (TARGET – $30)
= $120

Family #3
1. Coat (S, 6-8) (TARGET – $20)
2. Pajamas (TARGET – $10 & $20 = $30)
3. XBox gift card (TARGET – $50)
4. Pokemon cards (TARGET – $25)

Ana helped me shop for most of the fun stuff and some of the clothing items, then she had to go to bed. I grabbed the last few items on my own but got everything between Target, Amazon, and Macys. Everything delivery or pickup. I’m proud of myself that I was able to get everything they wanted/needed AND keep all their hauls around the same cost so it’s fair to all of them!

I hope they like what we picked out. Now I just have to get grocery gift cards together for the parents and write some notes with Ana.

We also need to write our notes to some folks who were supposed to get a gift from us after we went up north so, I want to get that done at the same time. :/ I’m so bad about writing stuff! I’ve had it sitting here next to the couch for months specifically so I would do it and never pick it up and write. Ugh. I’m the worst! haha

Things have been so hectic and busy. I’m really happy to have this done and the shopping for family done and all I need to do now is get a few more things for Ana.

Well that’s all. Just wanted to share because I feel accomplished. Ha! Time to edit the video for tomorrow. I’m sure you’re all sound asleep! Have a great day tomorrow.

Lots of love,

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