What we’ve done this week
Some of what is coming over the next 5-6 weeks
Patreon tier changes  

I forgot to mention some other things going on, like non-profit related stuff and some other medical stuff but… it’s hard to keep everything straight right now. Iol I need a personal assistant. :/   

Also PLEASE, if you are owed a 1:1 from me for the last part of 2020 or the first part of 2021, PLEASE private message me on Patreon and I will get to you sometime soon to schedule that. PLEASE do not say, “no worries…do it whenever..etc.” or it will not happen. PLEASE, please, please…if you want one, hold me accountable and let me know you want to schedule and maybe offer up some good days/times to do it so I can find on that fits in our schedule. It’s too easy to let it slip through the cracks and I want to make sure everyone who has paid for one and wants one gets one. Thank you!!! 💙 💙 💙   


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