Including our NEW A³ Team family design!

This version of the family shirt design is LIMITED EDITION (for two weeks only) and includes Ana’s “Kind people do beautiful things” quote on the back! Future versions of the family shirt will not have the back design included!

Also NEW and LIMITED are “Kind People…” WATER BOTTLES! These require a minimum order of 75 to print so if you order one, please keep in mind there is a good chance they will never go to print! (If that happens, the cost of the water bottle order will be refunded to you at the close of the campaign.)

PLEASE REMEMBERNONE of the orders print (and ship) until the campaigns have ENDED. This round of campaigns is set to end in two weeks – on October 6th, 2021. Once the campaign has finished you will receive an email from CUSTOM INK.

Click on a design you like below to see available ITEMS/STYLES/COLORS/SIZES/PRICES/ETC.

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