For the last 6 months we’ve been having a LOT of issues with Facebook. It’s not just us, other influencers and content creators are also seeing similar problems but for whatever reason, it seems to be hitting our followers and our well-being a lot harder.

We’ve seen a DRASTIC decline in ad-revenue (over 70%) since March alone that seems to be directly related to our followers not receiving any notifications about our content. Despite being online pretty much every single day, we hear from hundreds of people each month that say they just don’t receive any notice we are online anymore/wondered what happened to us/can’t find our page, etc. It’s quite frustrating.

I’ve attempted to ask Facebook for help to no avail so we’re taking matters into our own hands. We’re focusing on building our YouTube channel for better financial security and we’ve started a weekly newsletter and text message notifications in an effort to help our followers and supporters to know when we’ve posted content. Hopefully this helps!

You can also walk through the Facebook notification tutorial at the bottom of the page to see if you can fix your notifications (or even if you just need help setting them up initially).

Use the form above to sign up for our weekly newsletter!AFTER YOU SUBMIT YOUR EMAIL (HERE ON THIS PAGE) you will need to then go to your inbox and find the confirmation email (this could end up in your spam folder or your promotions tab if you use gmail). You MUST click the button to confirm your email before you will be subscribed for the newsletter.

Newsletters will be delivered once a week via email. They will contain a summary of the week prior, including links to content you may have missed. They will also contain news, updates, tips, FAQs, and exclusive content. From time-to-time newsletters may contain discount codes for merchandise or information about giveaways. Anyone can sign up for newsletters, as long as you have a valid email address! The newsletters are FREE to receive.

Use the form above to sign up for text messages! Text messages are through a service called Community and once signed up, you should expect to receive a text message from us 2-4x per week. Text messages will include notifications about 15-20 minutes prior to a livestream, occasional important announcements or news FIRST (before it is posted to social media), video/photo messages, reminders, and other features and options we haven’t even explored yet! Text messages are available to anyone with a U.S. or Canadian cell carrier. Text messaging is FREE on our end; however, if your carrier charges you to receive text messages than those charges will still apply to your account.

HOW TO FIX/SET YOUR FACEBOOK NOTIFICATIONS (this will work for any public page on Facebook! – Click the links below to go to each of our pages and follow the same process below.

AMC Princess Ana – Team AMC Ana

Princess Ana’s A-Team

The Sketchy Friendler

If you need to set your page notifications or are not receiving notifications please check your page notification settings by doing the following…

1. Be sure that the “Blue Follow Button” says “FOLLOWING”, if not click it.  It should now say “Following”.  Now click the “Like” button below it and set it to “Liked”  

2. Now click on the “Following” button, a pop up window will open.  Now be sure that the “Get Notifications” tab is blue, if not slide it to blue.  Be sure that “In Your News Feed” is set to “Default” or “See First”.  

3, Now click on the “Edit Notifications Settings”.  A new pop up window will open.

4. Be sure that the blue dot is set to “Standard” and NOT “Highlights”

You “should” now receive page updates.  Facebook has become unreliable and you must check your settings often to be sure that Facebook has not changed them or reset them after an update.  It is also recommended that you visit their pages daily and like, share, comment and watch videos/lives.  This tells Facebook that you are interested in the pages content!  “Live” notifications must be set during a “Live”.  

Executive Assistant

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