There are a few FAKE pages & groups out there right now and more are being created (and removed) all the time! These can be confusing because their page/group name can be the same or very similar to ours so…how can you tell the difference? Well, there are some REALLY simple ways to know if you’re on our real page or a FAKE page/group.

First, look closely at the name! – FAKE pages or groups will often have random letters capitalized in the middle of a word or letters that should be capitalized will be lower case. They may also include double letters or misspellings. For example: These two groups on Facebook are NOT associated with our content at all. Notice in the first name the word princess is NOT capitalized. In the second name the title AMC is NOT capitalized. These are telltale signs this is a FAKE!


Second, check content! – A FAKE page or group is NOT going to have YEARS and YEARS of content like we do. They may SHARE some of our posts into their page or group to make it look like they have content but be mindful of the difference between an actual post and a share. Pay attention to what is being used for the banner photo, the profile photo, how many photos are uploaded to the page/group by using the actual PHOTOS/MEDIA tab, how many videos are uploaded by using the actual VIDEOS/MEDIA tab. Do NOT rely on the feed itself to tell you. For example: If you click on the MEDIA tab of the AMC princess Ana FAKE group, you will see there is only ONE video uploaded.


Finally, check followers/member counts and page description! – A FAKE page will NOT have have tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands or millions of followers! They are usually either unauthorized fan groups (which never get over a few thousand “lost” people in them) OR spam pages meant to mimic the real page and take advantage of you, and those pages will not even have a few hundred followers. ALSO, check the page description. Is it well written? Does it make sense? Is it filled out completely? Does it sound like the real deal? Most FAKE pages/fan pages or groups will NOT take the time to complete all of the info on the ABOUT section of a page or group so if that is sloppily done, it’s likely NOT the real deal! For example: You can easily see in the screenshots below how low the counts are for the FAKE pages/groups and how complete the info is for the real deal.

PRIVATE GROUPS! – We DO have several PRIVATE groups. These are SUPPORTER groups are created, sanctioned, and run by both Facebook AND us. The members of these groups pay a monthly membership fee to participate in an exclusive community with special perks. These groups are MARKED AS PRIVATE and are clearly identified. They do have lower member counts but have proper images, descriptions, and content available to the public which shows they are LEGITIMATE. For example: here are screenshots of a few of our private supporter groups. You can see they follow a consistent format for naming and are clearly marked as a PRIVATE group.

HOW TO leave “FAKE” Facebook pages!

1. In your “search bar” type in AMC Princess Ana (see pic #1 red arrow)

The red boxes reveal 2 “fake” pages or groups.

Most fake pages/groups will look real, even using the AMC Princess Ana official name and content including pics, lives, reels and posts.  

Fake pages/groups will slightly change the way a name is spelled (see pic #1 red boxes) the first one uses a small “p” in princess and the second red box uses a small “mc” in Amc the “official” name is page name is “AMC Princess Ana – Team AMC Ana”

Fake pages/groups will usually have a low number of followers (see pic #1 red boxes) this is another tell tale sign.

2. See pic #2 (green arrow) and click on the three white dots in top right hand corner 

3. See pic #3 (green arrow & green box) click the “Leave Group” button

FINALLY – Make sure to mark your REAL pages/groups as FAVORITES if you want Facebook to keep their postings and videos in your feed so they are easy to find. Here is some help from Facebook on HOW to set a page you follow as a FAVORITE! – https://www.facebook.com/help/1634545223376778