Marvelous Maeve, Determined Dallas, Auspicious Ana

Ana, Dallas, and Maeve met when they were just infants! Dallas’s mom (Jackie) and I met when Ana was still in the womb and Ana and I met Maeve and her mom (Kiera) when we attended our first Arthrogryposis conference back when Ana was just 7 months old!

FUN FACT! All 3 girls are Canadian! (Ana was born in Canada and has dual citizenship).

When Licia (of Licia Young Studios) decided to make “blue for AMC” awareness pieces for Helping AMC Families, she asked Ana to name the blue awareness jewelry and in honor of their long-term friendship, Ana named the pieces after herself and her friends Dallas and Maeve. Licia even made the girls an adorable set of friendship necklaces which you will see in the individual photos used to highlight each of their stories starting next week. Come back each week in June to learn more about Ana, Dallas, and Maeve!

Auspicious Ana
Determined Dallas

Auspicious Ana is a 6 year old AMCer with Arthrogryposis type Amyoplasia. She is affected in all four limbs and has been through 5 surgeries and countless treatments/therapy to get where she is today,

Ana and her Mommy/Nana have been using social media to raise awareness for her condition since before Ana was born, as she was diagnosed in utero. Ana has been displaying her auspicious nature since birth!

From her perseverance with her condition to her dedication to raising awareness and even in her love of learning and impressive goals for the future, Ana consistently displays an aptitude for doing BIG things and is sure to shine her positive nature and joyful outlook on many people in her lifetime!

Determined Dallas is a 7 year old first grader who loves her friends, reading with her sisters, and eating noodles.

Dallas was born with a type of distal AMC called Multiple Pterygium Syndrome. Her AMC effects her head to toe and as a results, she has had 5 surgeries and, as many AMCers do, she continues to have ongoing therapies and treatments to help manage her contractures.

Dallas’ determination enables her to find her own way of doing almost anything. She pushes herself to explore the world around her and never gives up the opportunity to try new things – especially during field trips and birthday parties!

If you would prefer to donate directly to Helping AMC Families Incorporated, you can do that over on our nonprofit website at www.helpingamcfamilies.org

Visit Licia’s online studio using the link below to browse and purchase jewelry items. A generous portion of each purchase is donated directly to our non-profit! Portions of purple glitter jewelry pieces are also still being donated to Helping AMC families through June.

Licia Young Studios – https://liciabeads.myshopify.com/HelpingAMCFamilies

In addition to the blue glitter jewelry, we have our 2022 LIMITED EDITION “wear blue for AMC” Arthrogryposis Awareness Month t-shirts available on our merch site!
Click here or on the image below to find out more!

If you are interested in donating directly to the non-profit you can do so at www.helpingamcfamiles.org

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