Ana Lea

In September 2020, we were contacted by a producer who had been following Ana’s story on Facebook. He wanted to invite Ana to visit the set of a new television show he was producing called Fostering Dad. No one had any idea at the time that the introductory Zoom call about that visit would turn into a discussion about trying out a script, which would then reveal in Ana a genuine interest and inherent talent for acting that I’m not sure would ever have been explored otherwise! After a stellar performance of her first time ever reading/practicing/memorizing a script, Ana was offered a recurring role on Fostering Dad and her newfound love of acting has already (in less than a year) taken her further than we could have ever imagined. The Fostering Dad production is currently on hold due to COVID but Ana has continued to learn, grow, audition, and book other roles in the meantime. Keep an eye on the Ana Lea Facebook page for the most up-to-date information about Ana’s acting career!

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