Woah! 😳

So this woman found us on IG and apparently she does marketing for Little Tikes and LOL girls. obviously, I’m familiar with Little Tikes but I’m not really familiar with the other.

Anyway, before we left for up north she had contacted me and asked if she could send Anastasia some toys to basically have us market them because she’s hoping the companies will take notice of Anastasia.

We opened up the boxes she sent today and this is what was in there! 😮

It’s kind of funny because, I would never buy these toys for Anastasia. I’ve never been into this kind of stuff, this kind of fad toys stuff, even when my kids were little. It’s a lot of expense for a lot of “junk” IMO and I hate the clutter that these type of toys cause so, Ana has never played with anything like this before! Also, it seems maybe a little baby for her (like for Ana) but at the same time this is the stuff that other people are buying there four to six year olds so they would want her to advertise things that are age-appropriate, biologically.

It’s an interesting position to be in! luckily, we only have to do short clips and photos so it should just be fun! Even if she’s not into the toys. she’s also a great actress so if the toys aren’t super appealing to her she can totally still make it look like she’s having a blast. 🤣

It’ll be our first time doing this kind of thing! Hopefully it goes well. It’s a good opportunity. ☺️

In other news, the publishing company that publishes those books for kids (like the disabilities one that Ana read the other night) gave us our blessing to read the books publicly and also connected us with the author of that book and would like Anastasia to interview some of their authors, including her.

They also want us to take some pictures of Ana with the books and said they will post the pictures and advertise the interview on their social media, so that’s cool! They are a newer company and have less followers than we do. I guess typically (according to Tabitha and the world of content creators) this is something we should give out a rate sheet for but, I think their product is one worth advertising so we’ll just do it for fun and practice. ☺️

Anyway, there’s a little bit of a work-life update for you!

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