So pooooooped 🀣

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Sooooo…Holy crap you guys! I worked on her room today for HOURS but it was SO worth it! It feels great to have it done and she was so happy with it. πŸ’™

I’m ashamed to say it but, I bought this “time-in tool kit” for her right after her leg surgery, back in December of 2018! πŸ˜’ I picked up the frames, I had grand plans to set it up in her room, and then got frustrated because we didn’t have any usable wall space left and just never did anything with it. It’s sat in the box all this time. 😭

But about a month ago, she decided she wanted to get rid of her little cardboard playhouse that was in there. She said it was too hard to get in and out of it so she wanted to sell it. So we did that and then there were a ton of stuffed animals piled in the house so I bought a bean chair that we stuffed with them. And I really wanted to make a segregated space for this calming corner so we picked up the Galaxy hanging thing for the end of her bed so the space behind that would feel very isolated.

Her room had become so trashed over the course of June because she just kept going in there and pulling stuff out and throwing things on her floor and I never went in there to clean it cuz we were so busy so I spent all the time today cleaning and sorting and getting rid of things she no longer needed. We pulled every article of clothing out of her closet and ended up with two and a half bags of two small clothes and then put everything that was left back in. I even went through all of her socks! And this girl had a lot of socks! Lol We used to have to change them twice a day because her feet would get so sweaty in her orthotics. She was a great helper tonight and did a lot to help clean her own space. We packed up her suitcase for the trip and after we were all done I caught her sitting down in the chair just looking around, reading the wall. And then, even better, when I went to strip her bed to remake it and fix it up, she got up out of the chair while my back was turned and went and laid down and was reading everything on the wall. It made my heart so happy! πŸ’™

She’s interested, she’s happy about the space, and the time-in tool kit/calming corner is really cool! Even though she is very good with her emotions and behavior, you can never be too emotionally intelligent. So this gives her a space to go when she’s feeling sad or angry or stressed or whatever, and it gives her tools and a process to walk through to help herself bounce back from those feelings and learn proper coping mechanisms and I’m just really excited for her to have this space and have this program. I’m going to teach her how to use it when we get back from up north. I still need to buy her some calming activities and things to sit with and look at and do when she’s in there using the space. But I’m just so glad to have it done. I felt really bad that I let it take so long.

Anyway, it feels so good to have the house done and tomorrow we just need to film/finish the opening video and load up the van and then Sunday morning we can take off and I will feel so much better knowing that everything is in a good place here.

The only other thing bothering me is that we really haven’t had much income the last couple of days because I haven’t had any good videos to upload on the main page but, I couldn’t get all this work done today and worry about recording and/or editing. Plus we were sitting around in our skivvies most of the day. 🀣

All right, bedtime!

Oh! PS! Less than 500 to go till 50K followers on Facebook!!

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