Patreon supporter LIVE tomorrow?

Hey everyone!

Are any of you up for a Patreon LIVE tomorrow? We don’t have plans to go anywhere since it’s Saturday (trying to avoid the weekenders n all) so it’s a good day for us and maybe since it’s not during the week, more folks will be available?

I’ll put up some time options below and hopefully, a fair number of you can make one of them! You can google (“insert timepm ET toinsert your time zone abbreviation here“) if you need to convert to another time zone.

If tomorrow doesn’t work for many people…it’s looking like we’re going to be heading home Monday or Tuesday (instead of taking the next week to drive further up north and then back down) so, we will be back home and be able to keep a more consistent schedule! If we do end up planning to do the next one once we’re home, I’ll send out an additional poll to try and nail down the best days/times for most people.

Lots of love!

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